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The benefits of having a video conferencing system become apparent the moment you start using one. Imagine: saving money on the travel costs your company would typically incur by flying in executives or regional branch managers for important meetings, increasing productivity by eliminating the delays associated with moving from place to place, and spending more time engaging face-to-face time with the customers whose business keeps you profitable. When you purchase the correct video conferencing equipment in Australia, you can enjoy all these perks and more — giving the company you’ve worked so hard to build a substantial edge. However, video conferencing solutions are not all alike, and it can be difficult to know what hardware will serve your needs best. Behold the power of Lifesize.

A Cutting Edge Video Conferencing System for Australia

Lifesize has spent over a decade as one of the leading video conferencing hardware providers in Australia. Their products have earned a stellar reputation in numerous industry sectors, due in no small part to the following advantages they offer users:

  • Ease of use: video conferencing systems can become difficult to use if they are not designed with the average user in mind. Lifesize focuses on delivering accessible solutions that you don’t have to be a technology geek to understand.
  • Scalable: whether you work for a small start-up with only a few people or at a large corporation with a staff of hundreds, it’s critical that your video conferencing tools be able to handle your network and the workload that comes with it. Lifesize products can easily be scaled for professional environments of any size, making them some of the most versatile tools of their kind.
  • Cloud-based technology: when you use cloud-based technology, you’ll be able to save time on installation and save money on utilities during use, since the bulk of the data required to operate the system will be stored elsewhere. Lifesize tools offer a cloud-based experience.
  • HD camera systems and phones: Lifesize always delivers a crystal clear audio-visual experience.

Find Lifesize Solutions for Your Business through Merge Communications

Lifesize is available in Australia through Merge Communications, a company that has been pushing the envelope of communications technology since 2005. We focus on integrating state of the art tech with various real-world workspaces so that this country’s busy professionals all can exchange ideas more efficiently and move forward with their essential tasks. Trust our experience, our consummate professionalism, and the excellent products we’ve connected clients to for years.

You deserve to communicate clearly at all levels of your organisation, so make sure you invest in technology that helps you accomplish your goal. Reduce hardship, improve efficiency, and save money when you purchase high-quality communication hardware from the pros at Merge Communications. Contact us now to speak with someone on our team who can tell you more about the work we do, so that you can make an informed decision for your business.