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Improved Customer Relations: 

As customer expectations increase, maintaining satisfaction becomes an ongoing challenge. Implementing Video Collaboration will allow you to further evolve your customer-interaction strategies. Through better understanding of customer's situations, problems and their implications your ability to satisfy the real needs of clients become apparent. This will lead to greater customer loyalty.

The Hidden Cost of Employee Retention: 

Studies have found that the largest benefit of Video Collaboration is no longer reduction in travel costs. Losing a key employee due to 'travel burnout' is more costly due to the significant disruption on the business. The majority of companies using Video Collaboration have noticed an improvement in employee retention.

Many companies find that allowing employees to communicate in a personal manner leads to stronger relationships and a more productive atmosphere. This in turn leads to a more attractive company culture which is often sought by potential employees.     

Boost Productivity:

Video Collaboration allows for a more connected workplace which leads to increased employee/ team productivity, simplified business process and an improved workflow. Profits will increase, sales cycles will be shortened, product development and time to market will be more streamlined and revenue opportunities will increase.  

Reducing Travel Costs: 

Often the initial reason for many organisations investing in video collaboration equipment is to save on travel expenses. In a recent survey of business organisations 80% of the respondents said they use or intend to use video collaboration to reduce travel costs. Respondents confirmed that by diligent use of video collaboration travel cost savings of between 35-40% can be achieved.


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