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The Video Collaboration Experts

Merge Communications is an Australian owned company that was formed in 2005 by a group of engineers to bring the benifits that result from the merging of voice, data and video communication technologies to Australian companies.  Merge Communications specialises in the integration of these technologies. The video conferencing division was formed by video conferencing specialists specifically to create new applications and assist Australian companies exploit the considerable opportunities that video technology now offers. Merge Communications has had a strategic relationship with the US based LifeSize Inc, since 2005 and has being instrumental in positioning LifeSize in Australia and New Zealand as a technically viable and cost effective alternative to Tandberg and Polycom.

The Merge Communications Strategy: 

Our approach is to work with customers to determine your technical requirement and to help you build the business case that highlights the financial gains that can be obtained from using video communications. Through our worldwide business relationships we have access to video communications case studies and success stories about organisations exploiting the technology, most of these can be replicated in Australia. Our aim is threefold;

1.    To show the customer that the technology will work in their environment and provide "true to life" picture quality.
2.    To substantiate with the customer that their investment in video communications will have a significant positive return on investment.
3.    Finally to provide the evidence that other companies have successfully employed the technology and reaped the rewards.

Merge Communications Video Conferencing Value Proposition: 

"Merge Communications video communications products and services offer customers the opportunity to improve profitability while changing the balance between work and private time for the employee. With High Definition (HD) videoconferencing the need for people to physically get together for effective communications is becoming a thing of the past. The audio and visual realism of HD means that groups of people in a number of distant locations can effectively communicate and regularly review situations as if they were in the same room. The financial, personal and environmental costs of modern long distance travel can be dramatically reduced, productivity improved and decision making can become more timely and effective. Merge Communications is totally committed to finding new and unique ways to exploit the potential of HD video conferencing for the benefit of the customer, the employee and the environment"