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Embrace the Next Generation of Video Conferencing with Lifesize Conference Call Equipment; Call Today for Pricing

It used to be that every meeting took place in one room, with every person involved physically present in the same space. For many businesses, those days are in the past. Technology has made it easier for employees to telecommute. Working from home, working on the road or connecting two geographically ...read more.

Maintain the Benefit of Face to Face Communication without Risking Travel Burnout: Choose MergeCom for Your Professional Boardroom Video Conferencing Equipment and Solutions in Australia

At many businesses, there is a drive to maintain a policy of in-person, face-to-face meetings no matter what. In-person meetings with clients and potential partners. In-person meetings of entire teams, departments, boards or companies. By having these meetings face-to-face—rather than always relying ...read more.

How a State of the Art Video Conferencing System Can be Yours — Find Hardware Solutions in Australia with this Equipment:

The benefits of having a video conferencing system become apparent the moment you start using one. Imagine: saving money on the travel costs your company would typically incur by flying in executives or regional branch managers for important meetings, increasing productivity by eliminating the delays ...read more.

Teleconferencing Hardware in Brisbane Has Never Been More Powerful: Introducing Lifesize

Has your business taken steps to acquire an industry standard teleconferencing system in Brisbane yet? If you haven’t, don’t worry — and besides, why settle for meeting the industry standard when you can exceed it by leaps and bounds? Teleconferencing hardware in Brisbane is more than just a luxury for the ...read more.

How a Video Conferencing System Can Benefit Your Business: Four Reasons to Buy Teleconferencing Hardware in Sydney

Communicating clearly with the people your company depends on can be a tricky prospect at the best of times, but when they’re all in different places, it can be even more challenging. The logistical hurdles involved with moving key figures in your organisation to the same location for essential meetings and ...read more.

Avoid These Mistakes when Purchasing Teleconferencing Hardware in Melbourne: Buy the Video Conferencing System You Need

All businesses rank communication as an essential priority for them, but not all companies know how to foster effective communication. The right management style and corporate culture can do wonders for the way professionals interact with one another, but the physical tools people use to communicate can ...read more.

Eliminate the Frustrations of Conference Calls and Video Chats with High Definition Conferencing Hardware and Software Solutions from Australia’s MergeCom

We’ve all been there: you are in the middle of a conference call with your team or a video chat with a far-flung client, and you run into technical issues. The video connection lags and quality goes out the window. The call becomes garbled or muffled, and everyone has to fight to hear the person (or people) ...read more.

Looking for Video Conferencing Integration in Australia? Work with MergeCom for Our Technologies or Our Consulting Services

The best video conferencing solutions these days are more than just video conferencing solutions. They can be used for both one-on-one video calls and group video calls. You can harness it for overseas voice calls and screen sharing. They are, in short, the ultimate tools for remote meetings and overall business ...read more.