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The best video conferencing solutions these days are more than just video conferencing solutions. They can be used for both one-on-one video calls and group video calls. You can harness it for overseas voice calls and screen sharing. They are, in short, the ultimate tools for remote meetings and overall business collaboration. The question is, what software or hardware can help your business achieve this kind of video conferencing integration in Australia?

Introducing Lifesize Cloud: A True Integrated Video Conferencing Solution

At MergeCom, our video conferencing consultants can help you achieve the true integrated solution you are seeking. In most cases, we recommend our Lifesize Cloud platform. Lifesize is terrific for businesses like yours because it is flexible and easily adaptable to suit your specific needs. It can be a company contact directory, featuring a shared alphabetised list of everyone on your team. It can be a voice call system, perhaps even replacing the existing phone system at your office. It supports impromptu video chats, which is ideal for businesses where many of the employees work remotely. For telecommuters, quick video chat via Lifesize can be the equivalent of walking into a co-worker’s office to ask a question.

Of course, Lifesize is also a software and hardware solution meant for group video chats. Using the Lifesize app, it’s possible to add up to 50 people to a video conference. By using the software with the Lifesize HD phones and HD cameras we offer at MergeCom, the result is a crisp, clear and lag-free video meeting—even with dozens of people on the call.

Working with MergeCom’s video conferencing consulting services, you’ll also see how our technology fosters integration across devices and platforms. A Lifesize web app makes it possible to make video calls via a web browser on both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11. Alternatively, users can install the Lifesize app on any device—be it a laptop, a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. When a call comes in, the user can answer from any device they choose.

Start Working with Our Video Conferencing Consultants Today

With the rapid recent advancements in all forms of technology, integration of various communication platforms should be an easy thing for businesses to achieve. Too often, though, true integrated solutions remain elusive. Some firms continue relying on different platforms for voice calls, video chats, and video conferences, usually because of legacy software that the company is reluctant to replace. Elsewhere, employees are tethered to specific computers or devices because they host a particular piece of software.

At MergeCom, we wanted to break down these boundaries, which is why we created Lifesize. Lifesize is a more efficient and effective tool for corporate communication, perfect both for inter-office collaboration and remote staff conferencing. To learn more about this software or the hardware that supports it, contact MergeCom’s conferencing call specialists in Australia.