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It used to be that every meeting took place in one room, with every person involved physically present in the same space. For many businesses, those days are in the past. Technology has made it easier for employees to telecommute. Working from home, working on the road or connecting two geographically distant offices are all things that have been rendered possible by the evolution of technology. For many offices, though, meetings and conferences remain a challenge. With Lifesize conference call solutions, that challenge can become a thing of the past—just like the traditional workplace meeting.

What You Need to Know about Lifesize Video Conferencing

Telecommuting is terrific in many ways. It has added tremendous layers of freedom and flexibility to organisations all around the world. However, even enterprises that have been allowing their employees to work remotely for years have not necessarily solved the meeting problem. Sure, conference calls are an option, but the audio quality on a call is often dodgy at best and can make it difficult to distinguish who is saying something and what they are saying. Video chat and video conferencing technologies have solved the first problem, but are often plagued by lagging connections and, again, poor audio (and video) quality.

With Lifesize video conferencing technology, you can politely show these pain points the door. For more than ten years, Lifesize has been developing conferencing technology, with the goal of giving our customers a better class of audio, video and web conferencing solutions. Crucial to our success at this goal are our HD phone and HD camera systems. By delivering crisp and clear audio and video quality, our technologies eliminate the confusion and miscommunication that often occurs in conference calls or video chats. The result is a video conferencing solution that promotes collaboration and productivity rather than stifling them.

Another factor that our customers love is how our software presents the video signals from multiple conference participants. During a video conference, Lifesize can display a split-screen view on the call. This presentation restores the personal, face to face aspect of meetings that we have largely lost in the digital age. It’s much easier to build a team mentality when everyone can see everyone else. If you like the idea of remote work and the flexibility it allows but are worried about maintaining collaborative ties and company culture, Lifesize has the solution.

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The popularity of Lifesize equipment in Australia has been growing, spanning virtually every sector, industry, and business type. Our customers love what our technology can do and have praised it for making conference calls and video chats more valuable tools for their businesses. If you are interested in adding Lifesize conferencing solutions to your company arsenal, please give us a call today. We would be happy to share Lifesize pricing information or answer any other questions you might have about our platform.