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At many businesses, there is a drive to maintain a policy of in-person, face-to-face meetings no matter what. In-person meetings with clients and potential partners. In-person meetings of entire teams, departments, boards or companies. By having these meetings face-to-face—rather than always relying on emails, phone calls or video chats—adds a vital human touch and improves relationships across the board. Companies that follow this line of reason often spurn the idea of a corporate video conferencing system, assuming that it would impair company culture, client relations, customer retention and overall business reputation.

The Drawbacks of In-Person Meetings

While businesses that follow the above line of reasoning aren’t necessarily wrong about the value of face-to-face meetings, they also fail to recognise their evident drawbacks. Indeed, taking the time to fly overseas for a meeting with a company your business is considering partnering with shows a commitment to a positive, long-term relationship. However, such a gesture is also extremely expensive, monumentally time-consuming and a massive blow to productivity. What could have been a 30-minute call turns into a two-day round trip.

If these meetings were few and far between, or if there wasn’t a suitable alternative option, they would make more sense. However, the ultimate truth is that neither of these things is true. A company committed to holding all its meeting in-person will quickly find just how frequent travel will be involved. What if the business has multiple corporate offices scattered throughout Australia? What if part of the company’s policies is either to fly clients in for meetings or to fly associates out to meet with clients? What if the company has an international partnership that demands monthly face-to-face meetings?

There also is a better option. At MergeCom, we sell professional conference equipment to Australia businesses, in part with the goal of helping to bring about the end of reckless travel spending. Our audio and video conferencing solutions are not the grainy, choppy, poor quality technologies that many people associate with conference calls or video web chats. Instead, our products deliver HD audio and video that make it feel as if you are in the same room as the other people on the call. In other words, we provide a face-to-face solution—or close—for a fraction of the cost of business travel.

Eliminate Travel Burnout in Your Organisation with Boardroom Video Conferencing Solutions

MergeCom’s corporate video conferencing solutions are not going to put an end to all business travel. People from your organisation will still need to travel for trade shows, expos, conferences and specified meetings. However, with our high quality audio and video conferencing technology, you can cut your business travel budget by a sizable percentage. In turn, you will limit travel burnout in your organisation and keep good people around for long, all while saving money and improving productivity.

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