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Communicating clearly with the people your company depends on can be a tricky prospect at the best of times, but when they’re all in different places, it can be even more challenging. The logistical hurdles involved with moving key figures in your organisation to the same location for essential meetings and events can be substantial, but fortunately, the 21st century provides several useful workarounds in the form of technology. Investing in teleconferencing hardware in Sydney can help your business overcome the difficulties involved with coordinating meetings between team members who work in remote locations or at long distances from one another — making your business run more smoothly and enjoy greater profits as a result.

Do You Need a Teleconferencing System in Sydney? The Answer is Probably “Yes”

Some business owners are sceptical about the benefits of using a teleconferencing system in Sydney, but these leaders would do well to consider the many advantages such equipment can offer them and their team members. When you choose to purchase a state of the art video conferencing system in Sydney, you’ll quickly overcome these common hurdles faced by professional organisations:

  • Reduce your travel costs by nearly a third:

    Using high-quality video conferencing hardware in Sydney allows you to reduce the amount of money that you spend on travel arrangements and accommodations for conferences. No need to fly people out from other locations around the country — just use teleconferencing hardware to make it feel as though you’re all together. Businesses that use such tools can cut down on their travel costs by as much as 30%.

  • Give your staff a productivity boost:

    Your staff members can spend much time reaching out to each other for help on projects — not to mention communicating with suppliers and clients. Streamline these tasks by providing your team with video conferencing tools that allow them to perform these necessary activities in real time instead of waiting for emails.

  • Enhance your customer service practices:

    Customers want to feel as though they are personally engaged by businesses that they trust with their time and money. Help them achieve that feeling when you go beyond chatbots and instant messaging, by using video conferencing hardware that lets your customer service team communicate with strategic clients one on one and support them with individual solutions.

  • Help foster stronger relationships between your employees:

    Efficient communication is more likely to be pleasant communication, and a workplace where everyone can express themselves easily is likely to suffer from fewer extreme differences of opinion than one with less-robust communication tools. Use your teleconferencing system to make sure that everyone can always be seen and heard when it matters.

Consider Merge Communications

Merge Communications can provide you with the tools your company needs to maintain effective communication — whether it’s in a single office or a massive conglomerate that spreads out across the country and beyond. Contact us now to learn more about our scalable, state of the art hardware and the diligent practices we use to ensure that it works properly for each of our clients.