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Has your business taken steps to acquire an industry standard teleconferencing system in Brisbane yet? If you haven’t, don’t worry — and besides, why settle for meeting the industry standard when you can exceed it by leaps and bounds? Teleconferencing hardware in Brisbane is more than just a luxury for the businesses that rely on it. Proper video conferencing tools allow companies such as yours to be increasingly competitive by reducing the time and money they need to spend on routine tasks, so it’s critical that you invest in the best video conferencing hardware you can find.

How Using Lifesize Video Conferencing Hardware in Brisbane is Letting Companies Change the Game

Some of the finest video conferencing hardware available in Brisbane is produced by Lifesize, an established brand with a well-deserved reputation for exceptional quality in their products. Businesses who choose Lifesize solutions enjoy the following advantages over competitors who opt for tools with fewer capabilities:

  • Lifesize users enjoy incredible clarity during audio and video calls. Lifesize uses HD cameras and phones to ensure that users always feel as though they’re in the same room with each other — even when meetings are taking place thousands of kilometres apart.
  • Lifesize users save time by using cloud-based technology. Using a system that stores most of its data in the cloud means you don’t have to worry about the power or time it will cost to save massive amounts of communications data in your servers.
  • Lifesize users can configure their technology to suit applications of any size. Some communications tools work best in specifically-sized environments, but Lifesize suffers from no such constraints. You’ll be able to build your system according to the exact needs of your organisation.
  • Lifesize users are never threatened by intimidatingly tricky technology. There’s hardly any learning curve with these user-friendly systems, which means your team can start making use of them immediately after installation.

Find your Video Conferencing System with Merge Communications

Merge Communications can be your point of contact with Lifesize, allowing you to purchase a video conferencing system for your Brisbane business that’s practically guaranteed to cover your communications needs. Our company has succeeded since 2005 by setting up and installing some of the most useful communications hardware in all of Australia, and we cater to a wide variety of businesses that each have their own distinct needs. Our people will listen carefully as you explain the unique needs of your organisation, then work hard to implement meaningful solutions with next-generation technology that you’ll be proud to use for years to come.

There’s no substitute for proper communication in any workplace, so be sure to choose tools that facilitate a clear, unambiguous flow of information. Contact the professionals at Merge Communications as soon as possible and ask about our Lifesize cloud products so that we can start working on a solution for your business right now. When you choose us, you’ll always feel as though you’re being heard — during and after our work.